Live art is a spontaneous out pouring of emotion, it is a process that transmutes the energy of the music and vibe of the crowd into a visual representation.

No color or stroke is planned, the crowd witnesses the painting at the same time the artist does. Many are able to enjoy art in it's final state, now we are able to equally enjoy it in it's becoming.

Joshua's first live art show was with a band called Cadbury Diesel who invited him to paint at the New Wave Cafe in New Bedford, MA in 2006. Over 130 shows later it has become a hallmark of his art career with venues including the Hard Rock in Boston, Holland America Cruise Line from NY-Bermuda and the Middle East.

To book Joshua Oliveira for a live art appearance please contact Sean Turnbull

at or by phone at (954) 900-4580 during gallery hours.

Thank you,

The Oliveira Art Company